The RightVoter Team

Michael Biundo, Partner

Michael Biundo served as National Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President. He was named “One of the best grassroots organizers and coalition builders in the state – if not the country” by the top newspaper in New Hampshire and served as a Senior Advisor to Rand Paul for President and to John Kasich. In 2012, he was National Campaign Manager for Rick Santorum for President before joining the Romney campaign as National Deputy Coalitions Director.

Andrew Boucher, Partner

Andrew Boucher has run campaigns for every office and advises national organizations on strategy, but he is known for his impact at the local level, training first-time candidates and designing bootstrap campaigns. He served as a Senior Advisor to John Kasich for President. In 2012, he served as National Political Director for Rick Santorum for President, building field organizations and developing Santorum’s groundbreaking integrated phone program.

Derek Dufresne, Partner

Derek Dufresne is the RightVoter specialist in government affairs, grasstops consulting, press relations, crisis management, and candidate message training. His deep connections with the media and knack for spin allow RightVoter clients to dominate the news cycle and weather any crisis. He has run and won campaigns for Congress, served as Communications Director on Capitol Hill, and has run multiple state-based issue advocacy organizations.

Kory Wood, Partner

Kory Wood helped craft the voter contact phone program for the Donald J. Trump for President campaign and is widely-respected for the design, execution, and integration of phone and data programs. He has run and won campaigns for Congress and was on Congressional staff during the 112th Congress focusing on developing and framing issues such as healthcare, taxes, small business job creation, senior issues, budgeting and appropriations.

Alexandra Russo, Director of Operations

Alexandra Russo serves as RightVoter’s Director of Operations.  Russo served as the National Political Coordinator for Senator Rand Paul’s presidential campaign, conducting operations and advance nationally.  She previously served with RANDPAC, Senator Paul’s Leadership PAC.  Shortly after graduating the University of Southern California, Russo went to work as Operations Director for Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee. She travelled around the country, where she managed the execution of numerous national bus tours that consisted of hundreds of grassroots political rallies.