With an extensive network in all 50 states and close ties to the White House and Capitol Hill, 50/50 Strategic is uniquely positioned to manage public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns.

50/50 Strategic is a project of RightVoter, building on years of campaign and grassroots experience.  We know the grassroots.  We know the opinion-leaders.  We’ve worked closely with them.  They listen to us.

RightVoter Partner Derek Dufresne, who runs RightVoter’s Washington, D.C office, manages 50/50 Strategic.  Dufresne has been successfully managing the company’s public affairs programs for the past two years.

RightVoter Partner Michael Biundo served as National Senior Advisor to the Donald J. Trump for President campaign and National Senior Advisor to the Inaugural before declining a role as Senior White House Advisor in the Administration.

Partners at RightVoter have held senior roles in the presidential campaigns of Donald J. Trump, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum, building state-level grassroots, coalition, and opinion leader infrastructures in all 50 states.