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Alexandra Russo Joins RightVoter as Director of Operations

Contact: Derek Dufresne

Washington, D.C. – The partners at RightVoter are pleased to announce that Alexandra Russo, a political operative with national ties, will be joining the firm as the Director of Operations.

RightVoter’s addition of Russo follows a successful 2016 cycle, in which the firm worked for three presidential campaigns, including Donald J. Trump for President. The firm also consulted on and managed the voter contact for winning candidates and independent organizations around the country, and executed successful public affairs initiatives in multiple states. Last month, partner Michael Biundo was offered a role as a Senior Advisor to the White House under President Donald Trump, but declined the offer to continue his work with RightVoter. He will be working closely with Derek Dufresne on public affairs projects in Washington, D.C. during the upcoming months. Kory Wood will continue to manage RightVoter’s industry-leading voter contact and phone programs, and Andrew Boucher will consult on campaigns for candidates and organizations.

Alexandra Russo graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a minor in Political Science.

Upon graduation, she began work as the Operations Director for Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee. She travelled around the country, where she managed the execution of numerous national bus tours that consisted of hundreds of grassroots political rallies.

In 2013, Alexandra moved to Washington, DC to work at RANDPAC, Senator Rand Paul’s Leadership PAC. She was a key team member of the initial staffing that was heralded for quickly creating a fundraising and grassroots political powerhouse.

Alexandra transitioned to Senator Rand Paul’s presidential campaign in early 2015 as the National Political Coordinator where she conducted operations and advance nationally. She moved to New Hampshire in the closing months for the first in the nation primary.

Following the presidential campaign, Alexandra transitioned to Kentucky for Senator Paul’s Senate re-elect campaign where she managed event operations and assisted with fundraising.

RightVoter partners Michael Biundo, Andrew Boucher, Derek Dufresne, and Kory Wood released the following joint statement after announcing the hire of Russo as Director of Operations:

“As a result of a successful election cycle, we have had the opportunity to work on several races in all corners of the country. Throughout our travels, we have been fortunate to meet some of the best political operatives in the business. Alexandra was one of those individuals whose steadfast commitment to hard work certainly stood out.

“We are extremely fortunate to welcome Alexandra as a part of the RightVoter team and we look forward to working with her to amplify our already strong commitment to ensuring our current and future clients receive the highest quality services in the business.”


RightVoter has a presence in four states and clients representing every region of the United States. The firm’s partners, Michael Biundo, Andrew Boucher, Derek Dufresne, and Kory Wood, have run successful races and organizations in over a dozen states, including the first three Republican Presidential Primary states.