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RightVoter Announces the Formation of 50/50 Strategic

Contact: Derek Dufresne

Washington, D.C. – After a successful 2016 presidential cycle where RightVoter partner and co-founder Michael Biundo served in a critical role on several presidential campaigns, including a Senior Advisor role for now President Donald Trump, the partners at RightVoter are proud to announce the formation of 50/50 Strategic.

The formation of the new arm of the firm, which will focus on public affairs and grassroots lobbying, was reported on in Politico yesterday.

Partner and co-founder Derek Dufresne, who runs RightVoter’s Washington, D.C. office, has been successfully focusing on growing the company’s public affairs presence over the past year. Dufresne will be managing the new offshoot, which will focus on utilizing the firm’s strong network of contacts in the White House, on Capitol Hill, and in all fifty states.

One can learn more about 50/50 Strategic by clicking here.

RightVoter partners Michael Biundo, Andrew Boucher, Derek Dufresne, and Kory Wood released the following joint statement:

“We are truly excited about the announcement of 50/50 Strategic and the continued growth of RightVoter.

“Given our decades of collective work in states and campaigns across the country, we have been working diligently to grow our public affairs portfolio. Coupling this experience with our deep connections to the current administration and within agencies across the federal government, our firm is perfectly positioned to help our current and future public affairs clients gain important insight and access to achieve results.”


RightVoter has a presence in four states and clients representing every region of the United States. The firm’s partners, Michael Biundo, Andrew Boucher, Derek Dufresne, and Kory Wood, have run successful races and organizations in over a dozen states, including the first three Republican Presidential Primary states.