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RightVoter Launches RightVoterContact

RightVoter partner Kory Wood named president of the venture

For Immediate Release: May 12, 2016  |   Contact: Kory Wood, (202)-809-6005, Kory@RightVoter.com

INDIANAPOLIS, MANCHESTER, CHARLESTON, WASHINGTON DC – RightVoter LLC today launched “RightVoterContact” a new venture that will specialize in direct telephone and follow-on contact with voters and constituents.  RightVoter partner Kory Wood will oversee the new venture.

RightVoter is an industry leader in live-operator calls, automated calls, telephone town-halls, volunteer phone systems, call-from-home, follow-on mail, GOTV, and comprehensive voter contact.  The creation of RightVoterContact will allow RightVoter to continue to provide the highest-quality service and cutting-edge technology at the most competitive pricing.

Kory Wood stated:

“Voter contact is a constantly changing field filled with new technologies and fluid legal environments in all 50 states.  Robocall laws and FCC regulations change.  More and more voters can only be reached by cell phone – and yet cell phones can’t legally be called using automated dialers or robocalls.  Illegally-made calls, hang-up rates, and ‘ghost calls’ are an ongoing problem among cut-rate, fly-by-night outfits.   At RightVoterContact, we understand trust, reliability and professionalism are essential.  We have created and executed winning voter contact strategies for city council races and presidential campaigns and everything in between.”

RightVoterContact will offer:

  • Live-operator calls to reach cell phone-only voters and improve response rates and call quality;
  • IVR (touch-tone) surveys and polling services that incorporate live-operator calls;
  • VoIP and call-from-home systems built on technology that allows calling of cell phones;
  • Telephone Townhalls that include a moderator/host;
  • The groundbreaking “follow-on mail” program that allows immediate communication with identified voters based on their specific voter profile.

RightVoter is led by partners Michael Biundo, Andrew Boucher, Kory Wood and Derek Dufresne.